Natasha Lambert

w_tasha.jpg"Sailing is my future"

Hi I'm Natasha and I live on the Isle of Wight with my mum, dad and little sister.

I love being outdoors and taking part in sports, swimming walking geocaching, climbing and abseiling..... I love going camping and I love my music too!

I have athertoid cerebral palsy which affects all my limbs and speech. The messages from my brain don't go to the muscles I need them too and kind of get lost along the way, which is really frustrating! So I need help 24/7 with all sorts of things. I use a wheelchair and a special walking aid called a Hart Walker, which is my best peice of kit, as well as my boat!

I went sailing a few years ago. It was FAB, I loved it from the start, its like flying, so exciting and fast, speeding across the sea. Its so different from anything else I've done. I can now sail myself and its awesome!

I have met some fantastic people through sailing.... I love it


Gary Lambert

(Natasha's dad)

Safety boat driver/boat maintenance and designer of the sip/puff system Tasha currently uses.

w_phil.jpgPhil Devereaux 

Sailing Coach & Event Manager

Currently coaching Natasha for her Sea and Summit challenge and managing the event.