The Boats

At the moment we have 3 boats, An Artemis 20 converted to sail sip and puff (helm only) Mini 6.50, (fully converted helm and sails) and a support boat (rib).

The Artemis 20 is used by the Miss Isle School to help other young people to learn to sail using sip and puff.

Miss Isle Too 

code zero web.jpgMiss Isle too is a Mini 6.50. The Mini 6.50 is very short for its intended use and is beamy being nearly half as wide as it is long. Its width carries to the stern, allowing the craft to plane as a fast motorboat does. Minis typically sail as fast, potentially reaching 25 knots. They have two connected rudders and a narrow steel or iron fin keel with a lead bulb at the end. The mast height is typically twice the Mini's length.  Miss Isle too, as well as helm control, has sail trim operated by 2 Harken electronic winches that are operated by a tiny tounge switch inside the helmet. In 2017 we added a new Code Zero spinnaker. A versatile furling masthead, code zero can be used in a range of wind conditions to improve the boats performance; it can be sailed upwind in light winds but is also effective when reaching and sailing downwind in breezier conditions.

Specifications of the Mini 6.50

  • 6.50m length overall
  • 3.00 Hull beam
  • 11.00 max height
  • 1.60m Draught
  • 1050kg displacement
  • 420kg ballast
  • 23.5qm mailsail
  • 17.9sqm genoa
  • 70sqm spinnaker (large)

Miss Isle

w_missisle_artemis.jpgNatasha’s Artemis 20 “Miss isle” was converted over 6 months by Natasha’s Dad. The sip/puff operates the rudder using a straw which, when either sipped (turns right) or puffed (turns left). Natasha has a custom made canting seat, which allows her to maintain an upright position when the boat is under sail. The jib is converted to a self tacking design to make it easier to trim the sails.


Specifications of the Artemis 20

  • w_missisle_artemis_img2.jpgHull Length - 6.00 m
  • Waterline Length - 5.60 m
  • Beam - 1.50 m
  • Draft/ full - 1.40 m
  • Draft/ keel up - 0.80 m
  • Displacement/ measurement trim - 490 kg
  • Displacement/ sailing condition (2 crew) - 700 kg
  • Ballast - 225 kg
  • Sail Area: Main - 15.00 m2
  • Furling Jib - 8.00 m2
  • Asymmetric spinnaker - 25.00 m2


Support Rib

Redbay Stormforce 7.5m rib – strong reliable support boat with space to shelter Natasha if the weather becomes too harsh. 

support RIB web.jpg